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The Sales Strategy Seminar Brings You Unique, Actionable Strategies on How to Master Sales in Your Business as a Introverted Entrepreneur

Have you ever been terrified to get on a sales call?  Or maybe you’re not even sure where to start with getting a sales call scheduled in the first place?

You’re an introvert in an extrovert’s world, and it feels like everyone has it figured out except for you.

So you stay stuck.

What if I told you that being an introvert is actually one of your greatest strengths when it comes to selling?

Our world-class sales experts will show you the way in this online seminar.

In the video sessions, they’re sharing their best tools and tactics with you.

The material is 100% designed for introverts. So you know there will be no pushing people into your programs, no manipulation, and no panic-inducing strategies.

Instead you’ll get heart-centered advice on how to use your introverted strengths to sell with soul so you can serve more people. And you’ll hear it from experts that would normally cost you thousands to spend time with.

You’ll get access to trainings that they rarely give for free because they believe in you just like I do.

You can sell and serve at the same time … we’re going to show you how.

And you can keep the recordings forever to refer back to whenever you need a refresher when you buy the all-access pass for only $97.

Watch on your own schedule if you can’t make every session.

I get it. You’re busy

You wear many hats in your life, and as you start out in your business, sometimes it has to take the backburner for the people and obligations that already exist.

That means you might need …

Extra time to actually watch them all the way through

Space to let your brain take in and process all the great advice

Continued access so you can implement one strategy at a time for best success

The all-access pass gives you lifetime, on-demand access to our experts through these trainings.

Meaning you’ll have them waiting for you when you have the time, energy, and need for them.

Get 25+ Video Training Sessions Valued at $997 with Lifetime Access… For Only $97


30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee.
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Sales Strategies Designed For You — The Quiet Leader with a Passion to Serve

Most other sales seminars are designed for the extroverted, easily confident entrepreneur … but I know you’re built differently.

You know you have a gift and you’re meant to help others. But the thought of talking to strangers or pushing someone into a sale feels wrong on so many levels.

So how are you — the heart-centered, introverted entrepreneur — supposed to succeed when everything is designed for someone else?

I’ve made it easy for you with this expert panel.

Each session is designed specifically for the introverted entrepreneur. The one who …

Finds herself slipping into the crowd online or in the room

Isn’t sure what to ask, say, or do on a sales call even with someone she knows she can help

Doesn’t want to feel pushy but knows following up and asking for the sale are important

Wants to use her business to do meaningful work in the world

Believes she can succeed and is ready to take action to make this business work

You don’t have to feel like an outsider any longer. With the Sales Strategy Seminar, you’ll get the best insider tips to making sales in a way that feels good and grows your business with ease.

And you’ll get to do in your way and on your time with the all-access pass.

Say goodbye to no confidence and an empty calendar and start waving hello to new prospects and new payment notifications from dream clients that can’t wait to get started!

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All 25+ Video Sessions on Demand for Life ($1997 value)

You won’t have to worry about missing a session or missing something someone said. Instead, you’ll get all the recordings at your fingertips to refer to for life.

Audio Downloads to Listen at Your Convenience ($997 value)

If there’s a day when video isn’t a possibility, you’ll also have access to audio recordings so you can listen and learn on the go anytime you want to polish your sales skills.

Written Transcripts for Fast Reading and Reference ($997 value)

You’ll also have access to every word said in written form so you can skim, search, or print all the sessions in your learning library.

More Bonuses From Our Experts (priceless)

Your sales experts will be providing some of their favorite products and programs for you to access for free to help you continue to master the art and science of selling as an introvert.

Members-Only Q&A Call with Casey Lightbody ($297 value)

Your host + business mentor, Casey, has put together an exclusive members-only Q&A call for you to get connected with fellow introverts and get your specific questions answered to help your business build momentum

The Introvert’s Playbook to Build Your Sales Skills ($497)

The seminar is only the beginning. With the all-access pass you’ll actually get access to 4 weeks of additional training content to help you implement the sales skills you’ll learn in the seminar with success.

30 Days Complimentary Access to the Quiet Collective Membership ($97 value)

This is the only introvert-focused community for entrepreneurs online. It’s designed to give your targeted advice, deep connections, and encouragement to dream big as you start and grow your business

Total Value = $4,882 (you save 98% off the full price if you purchase today.)

Get 25+ Video Training Sessions Valued at $997 with Lifetime Access… For Only $97

30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee.
No questions asked.

Meet Your Mentors


Jennifer Kem

Mastering sales: A four-step framework to get qualified leads and close the deal

Kendrick Shope

How to overcome objections to land more customers

Jennifer Love

Removing the ceiling on your earning potential

Jaime Masters

Creating a totally doable, repeatable sales system

Aandra Bohlen

How to frame a sales call

Laura Wright

The epic way to close a sale

Summer Tannhauser

Using relationship-based email marketing to move through the sales funnel

Paige Wilhide

How to use challenges to sell a product or service

Juju Hook

How to use storytelling to sell transformation

Alexia Vernon

How to make a classy offer from the stage as a speaker

Lacey Sites

Empowering potential clients through the sale with a value-centred sales process

Jen Gottlieb

Building authentic relationships to nurture your prospects and clients

Christine McAlister

How to follow up without the sleaze

Marva Goss

Surpass your revenue goals by tracking the right numbers and following up effectively

Lisa Carpenter

Understanding your money beliefs to truly thrive in your business (and life)

Jessica Lorimer

How to book and convert more discovery calls

Renee Hribar

How to ask great questions

Cori Javid

How to shift your perspective and make the sale feel GOOD

Jill Stevens

How to grow your business by building a referral army

Nicole Liloia

How to use live events to launch new income streams

Jenny Melrose

Building partnerships to expand your sales base: How to attract brands and influencers

Susan McVea

Using Facebook groups and Facebook Live to build your audience

Jenni Waldrop

How to gain traffic and scale up using a platforms other than your own

Jacqueline Kincer

Hosting webinars to convert customers

Lisa Corduff

How to sell using video (even when you’d rather avoid the camera entirely)

Jessica Caver Lindholm

Using Facebook Messenger to sell to your soul-aligned clients

Tamiko Kelly

Creating a lead magnet: How to craft valuable content
that draws people to you

Bernadette McClelland

The psychology of strategic selling: Mastering your mindset around sales

100% No Risk, Money Back Guarantee

Your All Access Pass comes with a 100% money back guarantee. Sign up for the All Access Pass and If you don’t love ALL the on-demand training and the extra bonus resources, you can email our support team for a full refund within 30 days of your purchase … no questions asked.

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What Our Attendees Say

Thank you so very much for your time and effort in putting the Summit together. I am left fulfilled and over-flowing with confidence to actually really run a heart-centered business. So many great take-aways and not sure where to start. All offered their own unique insights and many notes were taken. It’s nice to know we all have the same fears and more importantly the same desire for greatness.

Madineyah Isaacs

I have just watched the last video of your summit and I just wanted to send you a massive THANK-YOU and CONGRATULATIONS. The women you spoke to were all wonderfully inspirational and shared some amazing wisdom and advice on getting started in business. I can’t tell you how many “Aha” moments and “Lightbulb” inspirations I had from watching the videos and how much they have helped me to start sorting the pieces of the puzzle on my direction. I thought your questions were wonderfully insightful, keeping to the crux of the summit to help quiet women find their voice. I am now looking forward to spending the weekend digesting it all and creating my plans.
Thank-you for putting together and sharing what I am sure was a massive project. I know your generosity in sharing your knowledge and that of your network will inspire many women, and I know personally this has been a pivotal moment in my journey. I look forward to following your journey and successes. Natasha Buttler

I am absolutely blown away by the amazing women you have spoken to – I have already watched all the episodes from the first day! It was so easy to connect with each of their stories, and loved how they shared in such detail the process they went through at the start of their journey. I think that will resonate so deeply with each of the attendees. The actionable steps that you walk through with each of them is also great. This really goes above and beyond, as it provides insight into exactly what steps to take. Carli Van Heerden

I am sooo glad I came across this event on time. I am in the process of starting my own coaching business and this whole event was like it was made for me. Thank you SO MUCH for what you are doing, I hope you feel proud and so you know, you are reaching to a lot of ladies out there that are trying to leave their positive mark in the world, as I hopefully will be doing soon. Best of luck and greetings from sunny Costa Rica (yes, you reach someone at Costa Rica!) Carolina Venegas

A Quick Recap:

This is What You Get with the All-Access Pass

  • All 25+ sales training sessions on demand
  • Audio recordings for learning on the go
  • Written transcripts to search, skim, and save forever
  • Live, intimate kickoff calls with host + mentor Casey Lightbody
  • An Introvert’s Playbook to Building Your Sales Skills (4 Week Program)
  • 30 days complimentary access to the Quiet Collective membership
  • Special bonuses from our panel of experts

Get 25+ Video Training Sessions Valued at $997 with Lifetime Access… For Only $97


30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee.
No questions asked.


Got A Question About The VIP All Access Pass?

What is the All Access Pass?

The All Access Pass is an add-on to the Sales Strategy Seminar. In short, it gives you lifetime access to all 25+ session recordings and many bonuses including …

  • Audio recordings for learning on the go
  • Written transcripts to search, skim, and save forever
  • Live, intimate Q&A call with host + mentor Casey Lightbody
  • An Introvert’s Playbook to Building Your Sales Skills (4 Week Program)
  • 30 days complimentary access to the Quiet Collective membership
  • Special bonuses from our panel of experts
What's the difference between the free pass and the All Access Pass?

The free pass allows you access to the all sessions on the day they release, but if you miss them, they disappear after 48 hours. The All Access Pass allows you to watch in your own time and come back to the material over and over again for life.

How much is the All Access Pass?

The all-access pass is currently $97 for lifetime access to the 15+ hours of trainings. And right now it is the lowest it will be to get the trainings and bonuses at your fingertips for life.  During and after the conference, the price will increase.

What if I need to think about it?

No problem. We’ll send you some emails to remind you it’s available over the next few days, but don’t wait too long or the price will increase!

What are my payment options?

You can pay online using a credit or debit card or PayPal.

Have a different question?

If you didn’t see your question above, you can reach out to us personally for an answer at

Seminar Host + Founder of The Quiet Collective

I’m Casey, and I’m a cheerleader, champion, and coach for introverted women in business.

After working my way up the corporate ladder with Citigroup in London, I felt my entrepreneurial spirit rise and I launched my first business in 2010.

Since then I’ve become a startup business coach for introverted, sensitive women who offers quietly impactful, customized solutions that align with each client’s unique personalities, goals, and visions. So they come out of hiding and shine on their own terms.

I am the founder, chief collaborator and host of The Quiet Collective — a community built uniquely for introverts by introverts, which inspires and empowers introverted women from around the world to connect with themselves, with each other and with their greater communities to build successful businesses on their terms.

I have also hosted two global online summits that have attracted over 5,000 women worldwide and included world renowned, powerful speakers including Amy Porterfield, Jadah Sellner, Selena Soo, Tara Gentile, Carrie Green, Tanya Geisler, Beth Buelow and a host of other phenomenal women.

I’ve also been featured on podcasts including Entrepreneur on Fire, The Introvert Entrepreneur and The Mumpreneur Show as well as facilitated events on behalf of the Queensland State Government.

And I know a little something about you too.

  • You are an entrepreneur at heart with dreams that might feel too big.
  • You want to be fearless in pursuit of that dream but you’re stuck as you get started with selling.
  • You are quiet but powerful and desire to make a massive difference in your life and the life of others.
  • You are ready to be the leader you’re meant to be.

And you’re in the perfect place.

At the Sales Strategy Seminar, we’ll give you the tools to overcome the fears holding you back and sell more with ease and soul.

Get 25+ Video Training Sessions Valued at $997 with Lifetime Access… For Only $97


30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee.
No questions asked.


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